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I think we should put some thought into adverts. Maybe don't have colections as a union but if an idividual member acting as an idividual were to hold a pool to advertise us on youtube. keep good transparancy and all that.I played around with the idea of a patron set to pay out per upload and only uploading once a month. People can offer whatever they want to host the next video. Anyone would be able to submit videos for consideration and then patrons could vote on what one is chosen each month to be run on youtube with their money.Obviously we don't want this to be abused but its just a matter of keeping good books and acknologing that no matter how ligit you are or how detailed your records, people are going to acuse you of larceny, purgruy and being a lizard person. I say just be good and who cares what others think. 

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i would love to seee an advertising campaign for the YouTubers Union on YouTube. It would be fantastic irony.