What is your favourite video sharing platform?


Thank you fo YouTubers Union, thanks for raising these issues

I started out late in the Youtube game but as soon as I started seeing a tiny return on my time and personal content - they added these ridiculous rules and now nothing - yet they get the view time from my vids!  

I've never posted on YouTube but I detest how they are behaving with Conservative, Patriotic and Christian media! And this Union is way over due! I LOVE IT! Thank you Mr. Gary Franchi for being one of the outlets bringing this to our attention! I subscribe to a good many of the types of outlets I mentioned and I believe this will finally take care of the many biases that are in the mainstream media of President Trump's era! FINALLY JUSTICE!!!!

lets get amazon or microst to make a competer to youtube with all the stuff we want  youtube to have then they will need to listen to  us or youtube will die

We all hope that we can take back Youtube, but we must prepare for the fact that there is chance we won't, and if we do not succeed we must propose that idea of secession from Youtube and turning the Youtubers Union into our own site where we can upload videos without Youtubes's problems. We must think about the option of full independence from Youtube in order to form our own, free, platform where we can upload our videos freely and far from Youtube's grasp.



I support that idea. We need to find programmers capable of seeking a site similar to YouuTube. We can call it something like "Myvid" or "OurTube" and migrate all the creator to the new site. 'There is a site called Lbry.org that is sort of doing the same thing. Check it out.