Here's an idea. Don't put all you eggs in one basket.

Some people are talking about establishing an alternative platform that will effectively replace YouTube. The problem is that the centralized system is what created this problem in the first place.

Should the content be uploaded to Vimeo, Pornhub, Bitchtube, LBRY, YouTube or others?

The answer is, all of the above! Content creators should also self host their own content as another redundancy. I would watch the videos on other networks, if they were available that is.

This guy is on the right track:

Finally we'd need to index the videos. Torrents has stood resilient for decades, but the services indexing them remains vulnerable. There's a huge technological challenge in indexing all these videos system, but if some smart guys gathered and created an opensource solution that anyone can download and deploy.

There is a huge crowd just waiting to put the final nail in the coffin for YouTube.