A proposal to fundraise and also help youtubers monetize

Hi all,

TL;DR - proposing a way for the union to let its YouTubers monetize videos and also raise funds for the union

I'm new to the community. I'm not a formal YouTuber myself, but I'm the creator of Worthyt (https://worthyt.io/)--it's a Chrome extension that adds a direct-fan-support button at the bottom of every YouTube video. Anyone who uses the Chrome extension will be able to see and click it, and with each click, they are sending a micro-tip from their account to support the video.

Traditionally, each micro-tip is shared:

  • With money transactions, 75% goes to the creator, 10% goes to YouTube, 5-10% goes to transaction fees, and 5% goes to powering Worthyt
  • With cryptocurrency transactions, 90% goes to the creator, 5% goes to YouTube, and 5% goes to Worthyt

Anyway, instead of the 5 to 10% going to YouTube (depending on the currency used), I was thinking, for the YouTubers that are part of this union, that split can go towards a community fund here, which then can be reused for advertising, spreading awareness, etc.

In this way, everyone can still monetize through direct fan support, and also the union can start raising more funding to spread awareness about YouTube demonetisation issues.

It also adds buttons for support on Twitter, Reddit, and a few other sites. We have more support coming out in the upcoming months.

Image Idea: 
Video Idea: