Use enhanced version of promo video to help get the word out

I created an enhanced version of Jörg Sprave's original terrific video. I added some titles and urls incorporating the work of gheorghelaza, freeman and David Mulgrew. You may want to link to this version and send the link out to others because it helps push the name " YouTubers Union" and promotes the urls and within the video.

Check it out here: I titled it Join the YouTubers Union. There’s Strength in Numbers! ▷▷▷

Video Idea: 


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I'm new here, but I want to let you know I'm with you guys all the way and happy to help in anyway I can. I'm so sick and tired of seeing my favorite YouTubers like PewDiePie and Top15s having to censor their language out of fear of being demonetized. As long as graphic violence or sexuality is not being shown, all users should be free to express themselves.

Dios te bendiga,

Jaime Horn

YouTubes Freedom of creativity and freedom of speech was the reason I started using it as my main entertainment source. Now everything is the same. So sad.

Welcome to the union, glad you are here

Thanks for the mention man. Nice to see it being re-uploaded. I liked it and commented. I expect in th enear future we will need a 2 min version for an advert but htis needs ot be up and shared regularly. Also Welcome to teh website, make sure you fill in the membership card for the links