Daily Update 4th March 2018

Daily Update

My dear fellow union members,

after 48 hours, our movement is off to a great start. We have almost 8000 members now, with an estimated 20 million subscribers combined. Wow!
Next week we will decide upon the next steps. I think we first have to inform YouTube about our existence, like a formal introduction. Then we will take it from there.
I admit I was a bit overwhelmed by all the posts that came in, so I turned of unmoderated posting at least for a while and created a discussion forum instead. It already has over 100 discussion threads - impossible to manage that many topics in a Facebook group. I encourage you to join!
In case you have posted something here and it didn't show up, it probably still is in the review folder. So much to do. May I ask you to repost it into the forum? Thanks.
Several people have requested rules here and on the forum. I only have one rule: Stay polite. You may discuss whatever you want (as long as it is legal), but please no aggression, no insults and so on. We are all fellow members here and I insist on a civilized communication style.
Here are some things you could do until then:
- Anyone here into web design and willing to make a homepage for us? That'd be great. Just send an email to jsprave@macrosystem.de in case you are interested.
- Please keep spreading the word. Ask your favorite YouTubers to join. Post our links into discussion forums and other communities.

That's it for today - thanks and bye bye!