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Daily Update 13th March 2018 - Youtube got in touch

Hi guys,

A massive step forward has happened. Youtube has contacted Jörg. He has spent the last day or so posting about a letter he is writing to formally introduce our movement to Youtube, they beat him to it and decided to get in touch. You can read his post here. This is a massive step forward. We do need to remember that Youtube recognising us only really represents getting the ball rolling, but it is still a massive step forward.

In other news, There are now several options to sign up to the website using socal media accounts, such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Discord and Windows Live. If you have already signed up you can find an option to link your social account with your existing account at the bottom of your edit profile page. Please let us know in the forum website feedback thread if you would like to see more added.

Daily Update 8th March 2018 - More News Coverage!!!!

Hi Guys

Jörg has asked me to pass on that there has been some more news coverage. Motherboard has published an article about our movement which can be found here. Please go take a look guys and make sure plenty of people see the article. Personally I think it is well written and gives an excellent account of the story so far so it is a great place to catch up anyone who is just joining.

Logged out, Security change

Hi everyone.

Apologies for the inconvenience. A security change will force most of you to log back in. It will remember your login if you check the "remember me" box after that. This was necessary to improve the security of the website and won't be happening again, unforseen circumstances not withstanding.


David "BigMonMulgrew" Mulgrew

Daily Update 7th March 2018

Message from Jörg's Facebook post

Just gave another interview! I think we will see some serious press coverage soon.

Daily Update 6th March 2018

Daily Update
Dear fellow Union members,
great news: The first version of our website is online!

Daily Update 5th March 2018

Daily Update

Daily Update 4th March 2018

Daily Update

My dear fellow union members,

Daily Update 3rd March 2018

Wow, almost 6000 members in less than 24 hours! Not bad. I suggest we wait until the weekend is over, then we can plan our first step. Maybe we all write an email to Robert Kyncl, Head of Business at YouTube, each one of us notifying him of our membership in the Union?

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