I want to be a part of this... but I refuse to use facebook

Do I seriously have to use facebook to join this movement? There must be some other way we can join this union. I have never made a facebook account for good reason. Recent discoveries of how facebook completely abuses users personal data have caused me to only strengthen my hatered of this website. Please let me know if there is some other way to join. 

Thank you,



I'm going to delete this idea next time I do the weekly update since it does not fit well in the ideas section. I will include this info in the weekly update though to make sure everyone is aware we have other platforms



Thank you for the info! I really appreciate you taking the time to fill me in. Feel free to delete this post asap. I didnt realize I asked this question in the wrong place. Now that my question is answered there is no need for it to exist! 

Thanks again!!!

Don't worry about anyhting being in the wrong place. Maybe when we are a million mebers we will have to worry about stuff like that. For now Its just nice to see people participating and spreading the word. Your comment also told me something important, I need to make the social links at the bottom of the website more prominent.

Maybe you could edit your comment to request more prominence of platfomrs toher than Facebook, then it woudl be relevant to teh ideas section