What is your favourite video sharing platform?


Thank you fo YouTubers Union, thanks for raising these issues

I started out late in the Youtube game but as soon as I started seeing a tiny return on my time and personal content - they added these ridiculous rules and now nothing - yet they get the view time from my vids!  

I've never posted on YouTube but I detest how they are behaving with Conservative, Patriotic and Christian media! And this Union is way over due! I LOVE IT! Thank you Mr. Gary Franchi for being one of the outlets bringing this to our attention! I subscribe to a good many of the types of outlets I mentioned and I believe this will finally take care of the many biases that are in the mainstream media of President Trump's era! FINALLY JUSTICE!!!!

lets get amazon or microst to make a competer to youtube with all the stuff we want  youtube to have then they will need to listen to  us or youtube will die