Joerg Sprave's first monthly update Weekly Update 5, 8th April 2018

Hi everyone

Lets start with a big one, Jörg has put out a video update today, the first monthly one. He speaks about some common topics of discussion recently and about where we go moving forward.

As for that it has been a busy week, again. Here are Jörg's posts in the Facebook group this week.

I'm sure the survey results are shocking to some, probably the people at YouTube. This week we demonstrated that a lot of YouTube's claims are either deliberately misleading or simply incorrect due to incompetence. YouTube say one thing and the survey backs up what a lot of creators have felt for a long time, that YouTube does not display, or allow discovery of its content in the way it says it does. This is BIG. It gives us a jumping off point to call YouTube out for getting it wrong. Check out Jörg's post for the full details but its clear that huge numbers of users are not getting notifications even with the bell clicked. Videos are showing less in trending and recommended.

We also saw the the terrible shooting at YouTube HQ in San Bruno. This is a tragedy. Violence is never the answer. I wish a speedy and complete recovery to everyone involved. Dialogue is open and we need to take that option to resolve our differences. We should never escalate to killing each other. Some people have asked if this is YouTube's fault for pushing the shooter over the edge. Well No. Is it YouTube's fault that she was angry, quite likely. Is it YouTube's fault she had very little hope, well they probably contributed there. But regardless of this it does not make YouTube responsible for a person walking in with a loaded gun and pointing it at someone.

Finally Jörg's partner manager has been reassigned to "other responsibilities". This makes him a 1.9 million subs channel without a partner manager. Jörg seems upbeat still though, just glad that YouTube are engaging with him directly.

Thanks for being here everyone.

United We Stand!