Welcome to Youtubers Union

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your interest in signing up to the website before we opened sign ups. We have now opened sign ups and your account will be activated in a few moments. Please be aware the website is still under construction. If you have any issies I have started a help thread on the Forum which is a great place to report issues, give feedback or request features. Please bear with us while we add more features and refine the website.

As a first port of callI recommend you check out the page with Jorg's original video which gives some information about how the movement started. After that please participate in the poll and take a look at the resources page. Which contains a collection of resources added on the facebook group and the forum. Please consider adding your own (login required) resource. Please also take the time to browse the other resources and add your voice to your favourites or leave a comment.

Finally you can visit your profile page where you can add social profiles. This is the most recently added feature and there will be some cool stuff coming that uses that information soon.

Thankyou for your time and your support.


David "BigMonMulgrew" Mulgrew