Youtubers Union Weekly Update 1, 11th March 2018

Hello Youtubers

First let me thank everyone for their support of the Youtubers Union, and all the effort that has been put in so far. It has been amazing to see how this movement has grown. Most of all I want to thank Jörg Sprave for making all of this possible and getting the ball rolling when he posted his video calling content creators and Youtuber users to action. I cannot believe how fast numbers have grown. It has been just a week and the Facebook group is already sitting at around 10 thousand members. If you have not already seen Jörg's video then I recommend you check it out.

The Youtubers union has also seen several sub-communities crop up to supplement the Facebook group. The Facebook group grew so fast it became impossible to keep track of any ideas or conversations so we also have a Forum, Reddit, Discord and of course the website which all serve a slightly different purpose. The Facebook group has been closed to open commenting because it was simply too busy to be practical, we grew too fast for the group. Anyone who was there from the start will know that it was great to see such a flood of positive messages but soon anything practical got lost in it all. The forum is the best place for discussion because things don't get lost in there so easily. The forum is very active and already has over 1000 posts.

We have had a couple of mentions in the media already.

The motherboard article is more recent and gives an excellent overview of what has happened so far.

Now is probably a good time to highlight a couple of notable mentions of us from other YouTube creators. The union has its own YouTube Channel, currently it only has Jörg's first video but I highly recommend you subscribe so you don't miss things in the future. My favourite video discussing the Union is one by Youtuber Law, which can be found here. He talks about some of the issues we face and some examples of not identical, but relatable situations from the past as well as a lot of other stuff. It is a very informative video. Another notable video is from James Pawson, found here, which discusses his experience in sub4sub in the past and some other relevant issues. As well as these you can find a list of other videos, reactions other related videos in the forum thread here. Keep an eye on the website too, I will be adding a page to showcase mentions of the Union on Youtube

I would highly recommend you head over to the forum and read the FAQ page, even if you do not sign up to take part in the debate. It covers a lot of the issues that have been raised and some basics of going forward. Please also head over to the Facebook group to take part in the latest Poll that Dan Cúþnama has posted.

Thanks for being here guys, thank you for your time and thank you for your support.

United We Stand!

Best Regards

David "BigMonMulgrew" Mulgrew



I cannot believe it has been only a week. So much has happened. So much is due.