Youtubers Union Weekly Update 7, 22nd April 2018

Hello YouTubers

This week we are finally taking strike action. A lot of people have been pushing for this. it is something that needs to be done carefully and correctly so it has been delayed until now. Jörg's Facebook post about it will be linked below. We  start on May 7th. I'm trying a different format for the newsletter this week. I'd appreciate anyone who could leave a comment below the newsletter on the website of what you think of the different formats.

Facebook post 16th April 2018

Asked "Creator Support" why YouTube is doing surveys about my videos. They basically came back with a white lie.
I got a comment under one of my videos that goes like this (translated from German)..... (Read More)

Facebook post 18th April 2018

YouTube refuses any further meetings.
Hi Jörg,
I can assure you that we've taken all your concerns seriously and appreciate your passion for YouTube.
At the moment it's not possible to set up additional meetings from our side, but I'm always happy to forward any general feedback you have to the relevant teams..... (Read More)

Facebook post 19th April 2018

Wow, we just exceeded 15k members!
I contacted a gentleman from my network who recently retired from a position in one of the big, established trade unions in the US. I asked him to take a look and tell me what he thinks. He said (excerpt): ...... (Read More)

Facebook post 20th April 2018

Let us get ready for the first "strike".

As I explained already here: [alternative forum message]
we will start on May 7 and stop on May 20. Participating creators will upload at least one video somewhere else and put a "unionized" teaser onto YouTube. ..... (Read More)

YouTuber's Union Forum FAQ about the strike 21st April 2018

A questions and answers thread has been posted on the forum and on Facebook answering common questions about the strike and going over some of the details. (Check it out)

Thanks for being here guys, if you haven's already check out the membership card section on your website profile. Fill it in and you will be listed on the members list on the website. We will generate a membership card for you with links to all your social profiles.

United We Stand!