Youtubers Union Weekly Update 8, 29th April 2018

Hello everyone

The war drums have been sounded, YouTube has been called out, now we are preparing for the first strike. We are taking the time to make sure we are ready for the strike on 7th May. Place your bets now if YouTube will respond before the strike, or if they will even resume talks. We want to talk, YouTube refused. Jörg is creating a banner video of our angry faces. If you have not already submitted your angry face check out his post on the 26th of April and submit your angry face. Soon we will show YouTube how angry we are. Soon they will no longer be able to ignore us. We have a reach of hundreds of millions of viewers.

Facebook Post 26th April 2018

Angry Faces Needed!

Friends, as you know the first "warning strike" will begin soon (May 7th). How are you doing on your account(s) on alternative platform(s)? Time to get these things done.

I want to make a nice "banner" for the video clip....(read more)

Facebook Post 27th April 2018

Click the link to see the sample video.

Wow, so many pics! Well over a hundred... so much anger. This is fun!
Here is a first small GIF I made... needs more drama and audio, but I still like it! .... (read more)

United We Stand!