Its time to Strike! Youtubers Union Weekly Update 9, 7th May 2018

Hi everyone

I hope you have all been trying out new platforms. It is time for the strike. Personally I have moved my streaming to Twitch instead of YouTube. I never had many viewers, just 1 or 2 while streaming. I've already been regularly exceeding that, not by much but I've been streaming on YouTube for years. I've got a couple of videos planned to go up on Vimeo. You can join for free if your videos are small. Don't forget to come back to the forums and tell people where you have been posting, or add a comment below (if you are reading this in an email, visit the site to leave a comment)

Here are Jörg's posts from the week, I think he sums things up perfectly.

Facebook Post 1st May 2018

I recently gave a Skype interview to a young journalist from France. She asked me: What is your MOST IMPORTANT demand?
Hm, she caught me off guard a bit. To me, all of our demands are important and I never prioritized them. But after a bit of thinking, my answer was clear.
I think it is most important that YouTube stops the filtering. ... (Read more)

Facebook Post 6th May 2018

And so it begins! The warning strike starts tomorrow and will last two weeks. Here is my little announcement piece that you can use in part or complete, whatever you want. It is in public domain.

Here is the link to the full 1080p60-file:…

Here is the transcript:
Hello, my name is Jörg and I started the YouTubers Union.... (read more)

As always guys, thanks for being here your comradery and support for every struggling creator is truly touching.

One last thing before I sign off... Since YouTube has been useless to me as a viewer for a long time I have come up with a solution that will help union members. For a long time YouTube's recommended videos have been trash I never want to watch. I am planning to add a recommended feed on the YouTuber's union website in the future so we can recommend you creators based on your preferences. For viewers this will allow them to find new channels they would actually like to watch, for union members it will help you get found though our website. As a first step, get yourself a membership card on the website, you can find this under your user profile if you hit edit. Then visit the comments or the forum and let me know what you think of a Union recommended feed.

United We Stand!!

- David "BigMonMulgrew" Mulgrew




I will be streaming at

I'll update later with my video uploads