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Some Ideas About Demands to Make of YouTube


I had made some comments over the past while, and thought that the ideas w/in might be good to offer up as part of our demands w/YouTube. I'll just submit those comments here, read them as you wish. 


Here Goes:

(submitted 03/12/2018 under the title: “Complaints/mass flagging”)

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we need a motto.. this might work?

Content for all and all for content!

Subscribe to the official Union YouTube channel

Subscribing to the official channel gives us a way to show strength and it gives us a way to stay up to date.

Leave comment on your favourite creators most recent video about the union

We don't want to spam so we cant do this too much but I think if we pick a day to all go to our favourite creators latest video and add a message in the comments. We can provicde a sample message to copy and paste. if you see the messag anywhere make sure you hit like on it.

Place adverts on Youtube to carry our message.

It would be great to see adverts on Youtube supporting our message. In terms of funding iff we each chipped in a tiny amount for a campaign it would still raise a lot.

Suggested by Jono on Discord