Latest Ideas

Use enhanced version of promo video to help get the word out

I created an enhanced version of Jörg Sprave's original terrific video. I added some titles and urls incorporating the work of gheorghelaza, freeman and David Mulgrew.

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I think we should put some thought into adverts. Maybe don't have colections as a union but if an idividual member acting as an idividual were to hold a pool to advertise us on youtube. keep good transparancy and all that.I played around with the idea of a patron set to pay out per upload and only uploading once a month. People can offer whatever they want to host the next video.

The Union Needs a Song

I re-wrote a Union song by a local Australian poet/songwriter, John Warner. As you know, we Australians have issue with badly applied authority.

Create a fund for advertising and advertise the union ONLY on demonetized videos and small creators

Not sure how we would raise funds, maybe donations, maybe advertising on the. We could create a pool of money which we use to fund advertising, advertising which we only use on demonetized videos. Not sure how we focus adverts on only yellow ones, or small creators. Youtube does not have tools for that. It would go a long way to demonstrate to YouTube that there is demand for advertising space on more controversial subjects or smaller creators.

Add a 5 second clip at the start of every members video with a demand

We can get greater exposure for a particular demand if we run a compaign to start every video of all the union menbers with a short video akking for something, for example to allow demonetized creators to sell their own adds. 

This will get extra exposure for any particular call to action.