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Create a fund for advertising and advertise the union ONLY on demonetized videos and small creators

Not sure how we would raise funds, maybe donations, maybe advertising on the. We could create a pool of money which we use to fund advertising, advertising which we only use on demonetized videos. Not sure how we focus adverts on only yellow ones, or small creators. Youtube does not have tools for that. It would go a long way to demonstrate to YouTube that there is demand for advertising space on more controversial subjects or smaller creators.

Add a 5 second clip at the start of every members video with a demand

We can get greater exposure for a particular demand if we run a compaign to start every video of all the union menbers with a short video akking for something, for example to allow demonetized creators to sell their own adds. 

This will get extra exposure for any particular call to action.

I want to be a part of this... but I refuse to use facebook

Do I seriously have to use facebook to join this movement? There must be some other way we can join this union. I have never made a facebook account for good reason. Recent discoveries of how facebook completely abuses users personal data have caused me to only strengthen my hatered of this website. Please let me know if there is some other way to join. 

Thank you,


Some Ideas About Demands to Make of YouTube


I had made some comments over the past while, and thought that the ideas w/in might be good to offer up as part of our demands w/YouTube. I'll just submit those comments here, read them as you wish. 


Here Goes:

(submitted 03/12/2018 under the title: “Complaints/mass flagging”)

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we need a motto.. this might work?

Content for all and all for content!