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We can simply start a petition at 

Is it possible to cooperate with the Censors?

Hi Union members, great going! New here and am wondering if there is a possibility to also bring in the censors or content reviewers as they are called, in our union struggle. What do you guys think about it?

Freedom of speech

I’m terrified that the social media platforms will be successful in deleting all info wars/Alex jones from the internet. If they are successful, which channels will be next. Our freedom of speech is at stake!

Let's make this a users union for everything!

So far I have purchased thjese other domains... (and

... and have them pointed to the website.


Twitter and Facebook is very heavy handed with it's useres and Ebay randomly comes up with new fees to rob it's users.

(Somoene already tied up the & .com so

A proposal to fundraise and also help youtubers monetize

Hi all,

TL;DR - proposing a way for the union to let its YouTubers monetize videos and also raise funds for the union

I'm new to the community. I'm not a formal YouTuber myself, but I'm the creator of Worthyt ('s a Chrome extension that adds a direct-fan-support button at the bottom of every YouTube video. Anyone who uses the Chrome extension will be able to see and click it, and with each click, they are sending a micro-tip from their account to support the video.