Latest Ideas

Set all videos to private for 1 day.

This will prevent Youtube making money from ANY of our videos or using our demonetized videos to entertain people on theri platform.

Group email a Youtube representative

We should email Youtube as a group in order to demonstrate our following. 

Recruit more big creators

We need to put some concentrated effort into attracting the larger Youtubers. This will put much more weight behind the union.

Suggested by a lot of people on the forum and Facebook page.

Get a Hashtag trending

There are a lot of hashtages we can get trending that would get us a lot of exposure. It would be great to coordinate at some point to get a hashtag going.


Suggested by wrestlingambasidor on the forum

Ask members to add logos to videos and other content

Adding the Youtubers union logo will give us additional visibility as well as demonstrating our numbers in a very public and visible way.