Latest Ideas

Place adverts on Youtube to carry our message.

It would be great to see adverts on Youtube supporting our message. In terms of funding iff we each chipped in a tiny amount for a campaign it would still raise a lot.

Suggested by Jono on Discord

Flag a YouTube Official's videos (Bad idea, see description)

I'm listing this here just so we can address what a catastrophic idea this is because it keeps being asked. False flagging a video can get you banned from Youtube. It aslo does not work, it is very easy to detect false flags. This is why videos getting dislike bombed end up with the dislikes being removed. Youtube would simply band anyone dsilike, or report spamming and keep the videos up. This would achieve nothign but getting our members banned from Yuotube.

Move to another platform

Moving to another platform as a group gives a big boost to that other platform and a big loss to Youtube. It might give another platform the traction it needs to rival Youtube. There are several issues that make moving not that simple though. Its a risky proposition and would be a hard road to walk. That said, it might be worth considering in the future

Set all videos to private for 1 day.

This will prevent Youtube making money from ANY of our videos or using our demonetized videos to entertain people on theri platform.

Group email a Youtube representative

We should email Youtube as a group in order to demonstrate our following.